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Glossary wine terms

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  • Pouilly-Fumé (Pouilly-Fumé)

    Pouilly-Fumé is white French wine produced in Loire Valley (Pouilly-sur-Loire), this wine is made of…

  • Pouilly-Fuissé (Pouilly-Fuissé)

    White French wine from Burgundy (sub region Mâconnais) produced from chardonnay grapes.

  • Super Tuscan wines (Super Tuscan wines)

    Any red wine produced in Tuscany (Italy), which does not adhere to local appellation law (regional blending…

  • Zin (Zin)

    Abbreviation for zinfandel.

  • Trocken (Trocken)

    German, meaning – dry

  • Millésime (Millésime)

    French, meaning – vintage

  • Joven (Joven)

    Spanish, meaning – young

  • Eiswein (, Eiswein)

    German, meaning – ice wine

  • Doux (, Doux)

    French, meaning – sweet

  • Cru (, Cru)

    French, meaning – growth

  • Côte (, Côte)

    French, meaning – slope

  • Cave (Cave)

    French, meaning – cellar

  • Cosecha ()
  • Colheita (Colheita)

    Portugese, meaning – vintage (of the wine)

  • Annata (Annata)

    Italian, meaning – vintage (of the wine)

  • ABV (ABV)

    ABV – meaning Alcohol By Volume