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Biodynamic Wine


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Biodynamic Wine

It is a product of biodynamic agriculture – the agriculture which respects the vital requirements, and is supported by the power effects of the enlived nature though special fine substance fertilizers. The first trials with biodynamic agriculture which refused to use any chemical substances were made in the 20-ties of the 20th century. All products made by biodynamic preparations, including the biodynamic wine, are identified on unified basis as “Demeter”. The main idea of the biodynamic agriculture is an idea of a farm as a compact and independent organism whose elements – organs are interconnected and affected by each other.

The biodynamic wine is made of grapes grown in the biodynamic farm without using any chemical substances, pesticides, herbicides, yeasts, artificial colouring, fungicides, and similar synthetic substances. Such soil may be fertilized solely by natural manure and compost. As biodynamic preparations, the following plants are used: (chamomile, common horsetail, oak bark, dandelion, poison ivy), cow manure, and quartz. Natural vine may be grown only in healthy and living soil, which shall be then used for making „the healthiest wine in the world“ (according to the German association DGHUT). However, the biodynamic wine may not be confused with the bio wine, because the biodynamic wine is something like a higher level thereof. The bio wine is healthy, but the biodynamic wine is even healthier.

Growing the grape is highly affected by the position of planets and the Moon. According to the moon calendar and the planet position calendar, highly specialized „biodynamic calendar“ is prepared, which is applied for growing the grape and other biodynamic fruit. This is because Vitis vinifera exploits the energy of the Moon, the Sun, and the stars for healthy and energy-full grape berries. And that energy, the vigour, and the continuing health penetrates into the biodynamic wine. Its taste, when compared with the „normal“ wine, is long-lasting and variable. Even several minutes after drinking the first sip of wine, you will still feel its variable flavours.

The biodynamic wine not only releases any long lasting stress, but it will give you energy and immunity, reducing the susceptibility to civilization diseases, as for example the cancer, the cardiovascular diseases or allergy, it also slows down premature aging and improves potency. The interesting factor of biodynamic wines is that several days after opening, they do not lose their characteristics, but still gain the quality. The open wine keeps its quality for 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on the specific type of wine.

The current promoter of the biodynamic viticulture is Nicolas Joly, an owner of the French vineyard in the valley of the Loira river.

Who is behind all that?
The founder of the biodynamic agriculture is considered Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the Austrian philosopher, the founder of antroposophy – the secondary religion dealing with development of spiritual abilities. The nature and the parts thereof, the plants, the animals and the man are interconnected wit the cosmos, the universe. Rudolf Steiner helped the young farmers who were interested in ecologic agriculture and the future thereof, and he devoted parts of his lectures to the agriculture, and created biodynamics by combining the words “biologic” and “dynamic”. The basic idea of the Steiner´s biodynamic agriculture was individualization of the farm and interconnection of the growing and the phenomena and processes of the universe.

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